Staff Dispatching

Staff Dispatching

Use Abiesco talents on demand to up the performances and control labors flexibly. Using Abiesco ’s Staff Dispatching service means that clients take advantage of Abiesco ’s unique talent management system to stay competitive in the fast-changing environment.

✔Benefit in management

– Allowing flexibility in labor control ups effectiveness in labor and human resources management
– Prompt recruitment saves time
– Cuts risks of suspension of works by labor strike since dispatched workers are not affected

✔Benefit in finance

-Salary and welfare expenditures for dispatched workers become variable costs, improving financial flexibility
– On-demand availability of professional talents saves recruitment expenses
– Welfare and management expenses are saved also

✔Benefit in functionality

– Regular employees may focus on high-value works by outsourcing miscellaneous tasks
– Outsourcing tasks to the specialized manpower improves productivity and managerial effectiveness

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