Outsourcing needs arise in fast-changing industries of distribution, logistics and sales. Abiesco’s attempt to meet such needs covers distribution and logistics expert training courses (by way of Academic-Industrial Partnership), promotion of productivity and sales, products and competitors analyses and sales reporting to help the clients remain competitive.

Distribution and Sales Management

  • Department stores, outlets, road shops, duty-free stores, etc.
  • Telecommunications, mobile phone, sports clothing, home appliances, cosmetics, etc.

✔ Distribution Management / Logistics Loading & Unloading

  • Inbound / Outbound distribution management, transport, storage and inventory management
  • Fresh foods, clothing and other merchandises

✔ Customer Lounge Operation / F&B

  • Agency operation of galleries, cafes, First-hand Nutrilite Experience Lounges, etc.
  • Franchise & Concession Businesses

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